unite UK US /juːˈnaɪt/ verb
[I or T] to join together with other people or groups, or to make this happen: »

Governments are calling on national business communities to unite in the current crisis.


The proposed deal would unite the stock markets of Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, and Lisbon with Wall Street.

unite to do sth »

San Francisco's mayor and the Board of Supervisors united to back the redevelopment effort.

unite against sth/sb »

Transport firms united against rivals in order to block access to international operators.

unite behind sb/sth »

Lawmakers on Tuesday appeared to unite behind a bill for voluntary human vaccination programs.

be united by sth »

The U.S. is the largest single market in the world and is united by common laws, a common language, and a common currency.

[T] to combine two things: unite sth and sth »

Marketing is an organizational function which unites both consumer need and company innovation.

be united in sth — Cf. be united in sth

Financial and business terms. 2012.


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